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Real Estate Sale Buy Rent Worldwide International Properties and Agents Listings
Multi-language international real estate listings.
Worldwide International Real Estate Agents listings.

Direct contact between owners, buyers and rental clients. No sale commission or rental booking fees. 100% human translation.

Multi-language international real estate listing. How it works.

õ On this page we give you short information regarding service functioning.
õ Please also consult Our Services page for more information.
õ If you donít find related information on those pages, please visit our FAQ section, where you can find detailed answers on the Frequently Asked Questions.
õ Feel free to contact us by phone or email, weíll help you with great pleasure.
Registration :
In order to use our free services, to purchase subscription plan you need to register on the site.
Click on Free Registration to create your free account. It will take a minute. After registration you will find your account details menu on the top of any page under the main menu.
As a registered member you can enjoy all our free services.
Lost Password :
Please use this link to recover you lost password. For security reason we donít communicate password by email. If you have any problem with password recovery, please contact us.
Please keep your password in safety place.
AdsBox :
As a registered member you have your personal AdsBox to manage published, viewed ads, press-releases and articles on the portal. You can find the link in the Account Menu at the top of the page under main menu.
Change Private or Agency information :
It is critical to fill in a form with your personal or agency contact information. This information is needed to facilitate contacts with you. Please donít forget to fill in it at first, even before submitting your ads or press-release (article). To do so click on the Change information | password link in your Account Menu.
Newsletter :
Exclusive privileges are regularly offered to the members who have subscribed to our newsletter (promotions, discount coupons, market news, etc.). To subscribe or unsubscribe any time use the link in your account menu.
Add Your Buyers or Rentals Demands for Free :
You have a big advantage to publish your buyers or rentals demands with us. Your contact details will be accessible only to subscribed members. This way we can guarantee to have relevant propositions from property owners or professional international agents (agencies).
To add your Buyers or Rentals Demands please log as a member. Click on Add Buyers or Rentals Demands for Free item in the main menu on the top of the page or do it via your AdsBox.
Please fill in form and submit. It will be saved by portal system and it will not appear automatically for visitors, but only after been viewed by our administration team. Your demand will be translated and published on the network portals within 48 hours. Maximum amount of demands ads allowed to a member is 12. You cannot modify your demand advertisement, but you can delete it any time and replace with a new one. Please use your AdsBox to manage demand ads.
Add press-releases or articles for Free :
We offer you to publish your press-releases or articles on our portals. Please log as a member and click Publish Press-Release or Article for Free. Fill in the form and submit. After been viewed by our administration team it will be published online.
According to each country, the most interesting ones will be translated by our team and published on network portals. As a subscribed member, your press-releases (articles) will appear with a link to your agency presentation page and list your actual propositions.
Translation and adaptation :
To submit your ad for publication click on the corresponding item on the main menu or do it via your AdsBox. Once your ad is submitted, it will be saved by portal system and it will not appear automatically for visitors, but only after been viewed by administration team.
A key advantage is that property ads, demands and agency presentation pages are translated into other languages by our native language speaking team. Be sure we donít use automatic translation system. Therefore information will also be adapted to language distinctiveness.
All translation and adaptation are included in our services and will be done within 48 hours following your submissions.
Subscription :
Once your registration is done, if you want to benefit from services for subscribed members, you are suggested to choose the subscription plan that meets your expectations on the Subscription page. Some subscription plans (for estate agents or private individuals) have a Free Trial Period.
For Agencies : each subscription plan dedicated to agencies includes the agency presentation page as well as an unlimited number of ads for a limited period specified in each plan. Part of those ads will be simultaneously accessible to visitors regarding the chosen plan. What does it mean? For example if you subscribed to Neo Pro plan, you can publish immediately two properties ads. During your subscription period you can delete these ads from your AdsBox and add two new properties for publishing. Ads can be replaced by others indefinitely.
Free Trial Period :
You can try for free our service for subscribed members. Please select subscription plan with Free Trial Period. To subscribe to a trial period you need to choose your payment method.

a) If you choose PayPal (payment online by credit card) you will be transferred to PayPal payment page where you should indicate you credit card details. You will not be charged for trial period. Subscription fee will be charged automatically from your credit card after trial period has expired if you donít cancel your subscription before trial period ends.
b) You can choose payment by cheque or bank transfer. For that please fill in the form after selecting this payment method. To continue using our services as a subscribed member after trial period is over, we need to get your payment. Otherwise after trial period your subscription will be canceled automatically.
Take in consideration that during trial period your ads will not be translated and published in other languages.
Subscription plan activation and payment methods :
According to the subscription plan you have chosen, a certain amount of advertisements are available for a specific period of time. Various subscription plans are available. Once you have chosen a subscription plan you are suggested to choose your payment method:

i. Online payment by credit card via PayPal. If you choose to pay via PayPal you will be automatically connected to the PayPal website where you will make your payment by credit card. You can benefit from a discount for your subscription, please indicate your discount coupon in the required field to get immediate reduction before clicking the Select button. Your subscription plan will be activated within 30 minutes following your payment. You can start to publish your properties ads for listing. Ads and agency page translation and publication in other languages will be done within 48 hours. You can find your Subscription details by clicking on My Subscription in account details menu, on the top of any page under the main menu.

ii. You can also write a cheque cleared in France, payable to Agence eLigne sent to the following address: Agence eLigne, 6, rue díAnjou, 67100 Strasbourg, France. To do so, select corresponding method and fill in and send the subscription activation form. This form helps us to activate your subscription plan even before your payment is accepted. We will send you a confirmation email. So you can start to publish your ads immediately. All ads will be translated and published into other languages by site administration within 48 hours following Payment.

iii. You can also make a bank transfer payment by charging the amount to the Agence eLigne account. You will find banking details and subscription activation form on the page after selecting this method of payment.
Listed Ads modification :
You can modify your listed property ad any time, but only after it has been published once by administration team. Please take into consideration that title and description translation, done by our team, canít be changed. All other information might be modified. If you really need to change title and description we advise you to delete your ad and submit it again with needed correction.
To modify an ad enter in your AdsBox and click Modify near the property ad title.
Links of your ads and agency presentation on other languages :
a) Each Ad and Agency listed has links to other language versions. If you click for instance this item par example you will be transferred to the Russian page of your ad or agency presentation.
b) You can find HTML code of links to other languages in your AdsBox. You can use it to put a link to other language versions of your property ads or agency presentation, on your own website.
c) RealEstate&Co is member of International Multi-language Real Estate Portals Network Immobilis&Co. Each time a new member joins the Network, your property ads and agency presentation page will automatically appear on their portals . We donít charge any additional fee for that, even though a new language translation should be done by our team. To see an updated list of members please visit Immobilis&Co official site.
Ads statistics :
Any time you can find live statistics of your advertisements at the end of Ad page. More detailed statistics of your ads are available in your AdsBox. Please find general portal and network statistics on this page site statistics.
Golden rules :
Please delete every advertisement that is no longer valid ;
Please fill in the advertisement form correctly;
Please provide useful personal and agency information and update it today;
In case of any errors in the content of your advertisement, please contact us ;
We reserve the right to contact you in case of any emergency, problem or enquiry.
Those regulations help us to give portal integrity and provide visitors with quality information. Thank you.
In the pipeline :
We have been working very hard on this project and we are not going to stop! Our team will constantly continue to improve our services and the website interface to make it more and more user-friendly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or remarks.

Published on: 2008-02-05

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